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Do You Trek Into the Backcountry on Your Hunts?
02-07-2018, 09:32 PM
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Do You Trek Into the Backcountry on Your Hunts?

It felt refreshing to set my bow down and peel away my 55-pound pack. After the grueling 4-mile hike — mainly uphill no less — the force of the pack’s weight pressing on my back, in addition to gravity’s pull, was causing my legs to scream, my shoulders to ache and my back to bark. It was good to finally reach the Colorado alpine region where I would spend the next few days chasing mountain muleys.

A summer scouting trek helped me identify an area with several secluded basins that were tucked below an imposing piece of granite, and it was on that Indian summer weekend that I found what I was after — well over a dozen velvety-racked bucks scattered across the area that I could easily access from camp. A handful of these high-altitude kings sported 160-inch racks, and I was more than eager to get after them over the next few days. I was in an area only a strong back, boot leather or hooves could access, and I was alone. Who could ask for anything more.

This may sound strange to some and even downright bizarre to others, but for me, there’s nothing like striking out into the wilderness with only the bare essentials on my back and a bow in hand. It’s my passion. I look forward to doing it every fall and usually across more than one Rocky Mountain state. In fact, if I didn’t have typical working-man responsibilities, you wouldn’t see me for several weeks during the early fall.

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