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power supply and solutions of common problems
12-06-2017, 11:40 AM
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power supply and solutions of common problems
Counterattack portable crusher plant is a rubber tyred portable crusher plant, the equipment is used for crushing on various brittle materials, but in the production process of some faults can hardly be avoided, in order not to affect the normal operation of the equipment, the need for timely treatment. The following is a counter mobile crushing some common fault repair station. The 1 casing repair: casing failure is mainly manifested in the liner wear resisting ability decreased after ageing, often causing the lining board are shot down the accident, also caused the crusher in sealing performance produce dust. The main method of housing maintenance is to regularly check the lining board, found that the timely replacement of aging, but also pay attention to the lining board fixing screw regular check, prevent screw loosening the scaleboard loss caused by accidents. Recommended lining board fixing screw using anti loose screw, the effect is better. Housing maintenance shall be used as the important point to join the portable crusher plant operation matters. 2 rotor maintenance: rotor fault is mainly manifested in more serious disk wear. The crusher turntable maintenance may adopt the following methods: thickening of both sides of the rotor rotating disc, material selection; repairing welding treatment on the turntable.
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